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Rent a house in London – useful tips

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If you are a foreigner and want to live in London to have an own home is a luxury that few can afford. So the best option for many is to live for rent.

Sharing the rent

If you know other people who, like you, looking for housing, you can rent an apartment together. It’s a little more complicated than just renting a room, as in this case you will be major tenants and are responsible for hiring and maintaining of the entire house. The best option is to share the rented property with people who already know well. Otherwise, it is quite likely not to find out with your roommates and if it is not working, you will need to search for other people with whom to share the rent.

Housing association

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If you have decided that you want to stay to live in London and intend in the future to buy your own apartment, renting a house from the so-called Housing association will reduce your monthly rent by 20%. They are very popular among the locals, but be aware that you must meet certain criteria in order to be a rental housing. Housing associations usually offer rentals in specific areas, so first make sure whether a specific location suit you.

Rent to Buy

Another option is a government program Rent to Buy. Through it you could, if you are legally resident and have a right to do, rent a brand new apartment with 20% less than market value for a maximum period of five years with an option to buy the whole house or part thereof in any time in five years. This means that you can live in this property, first as a tenant and then as owner. This is a long term commitment, but also an affordable way to get your own house in London.

When hiring a property, it is mandatory to request contract Click To Tweet

Hiring through an agency

When hiring a property, often in practice agencies want to pre-pay their deposit (holding deposit), to ensure that you will not quit in later. It is mandatory to request contract this deposit because experience shows that often occur misunderstandings about what happens if for some reason we can not hire the property. In this regard, even email the agency can serve as proof of the contract, also if the deposit is payable electronically or based only on oral agreements. Note that this deposit subsequently becomes such for the property if you rent, unless otherwise agreed, for example, to intercept as rent for the first month. When you arrange for the deposit and pay should request a receipt for the amount of the receipt and be clear about what deposit payment was made. If only the word “deposit” is assumed that it is not “holding deposit”, so watch that is written completely.


In conclusion, we would add that the use of agency is a sure way to hire, as the transaction is subject to a contract with criminal force, binding both sides. It is, however, extreme caution and a thorough acquaintance with all the conditions of employment because of the common practice of so-called small print containing further details and clauses which are generally in favor of the agency and the owner of the dwelling. This useful information I was given by my maid, who works in End of tenancy cleaning East London.

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